Curiosity killed a cat.

Yesterday my msn was invaded by virus which is the newest copy recently because of my curiosity. If I did not point that document which the suffix with zip I would manage to avoid the accident happened. It was happened after all, I ought to notice my msn friends not to open that documents which will invade their msn at once. From then on I closed my msn so that the virus should not transform to others.

Lucky today! Solving the problem I can on-line this afternoon.

From this lesson, I know not to open the document which is doubtful easily and carelessly. I must clean up the virus firstly even though I will open

Of course, curiosity killed a cat.



About breezesophie

态度desides一切。 清风过山。 阿森纳是信仰 一个艺术家 ř丰富 维持稳定的 é优秀 ñ不错 阿都 L爱

1 Response to Curiosity killed a cat.

  1. 彦彦说道:

    E EEEE。。。。English is far from me now….my god, my heaven!
    My mind are filled with Japanese  recently.


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