2008 white snow memory

  oh, a strong snow.





今天到车站早了好多,就把小柏树上的雪捧在手心里,搓成小雪球,往对面的垃圾筒里投,(顺便练习一下我的2分球),还好,没有退步,1210,还过得去(自我评价),只是手已经凉到冰点了。不一会儿,班车来了,上车继续我的catch snow的拍照旅程,道路两旁的象针一般的树一片片成群结队,犹如梦境,只可惜看得到却拍不出来,心里一直懊恼。终于到公司了,我的snow也到终点了。

This morning I got up especially early, because last midnight the sound which snow dropped had awakens, me, let me dream a white snow neverland. Remembered that in 2004 I had been to Huanglong’ where the snow had also fallen thickly, really as seeking plum blossoms when snowing. The white snow covered with the calcium carbonate level which had piled up in the yellow several hundred thousand years, looked like attractive fresh milk cake 

No big snows nor several years, this snow maybe is the hardest one since 17 years (only in Shanghai), When I was in the childhood it was such strong snow in the Spring Festival, at that time I was happy with snowball fighting, a pile of snowman…I was so delight, although only depended on the hot-water bottle to warm up at home, but even happy even colder! – – The childhood recollection is a memory which anyone do not forget; each person will collect carefully when I need to open to have a read.

This morning snow indeed lets me feel startled, I went to work at 7:30 am especially brought with the camera to catch something which I thought very important, left the white snow memory in my mind… Even the thickness of ground was 3-4 centimeter, but walked softly on the snow, walked toward snow places more thick, this was a white snow world. Pressed down the shutter continuously that I would never miss anything.

To the station such early, then I held many small snowballs from the snow on the small cypresses, and threw them toward the opposite dust bin, (practices my shots), fortunately, in 12 10, but also can be passed (self-evaluate), but the hand already was as cold as the freezing. The company car came in a minute, took it on and continued my catch snow photograph journey. Needle of trees on the both sides road was groups piece by piece, as a dreamland, but cannot pick, actually felt regretfully. Finally when we arrived in the company, my white snow journey got to the terminal




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