Bon Anniversaire 60


    Arsène the Arsenal manager is 60 today and in charge of the Arsenal for 13 years old. Since from East Japan to the north of London He has changed the style of English playing football, gives a new conception of football in our mind. If you want to see the artistic and elegance football please put your body in Emirate Stadium to touch the essential inspiration that belongs to Arsenal.

    Graceful ice price—Dennis Bergkamp;

    The king of highbury—Thierry Henry;

    The charming French left wing—Robert Pires;

    The tsar of Russia—Andrey Arshavin;

    The youngest captain—Spanish genius—Cesc Fabregas with young talents who eager to prove their ability.

    Some one that we have been missing, while some one we will look forward the future.

    Thanks for professor what has tribute to his career in football and his 13-year reign at Arsenal.

    Happy Birthday Arsène!


About breezesophie

态度desides一切。 清风过山。 阿森纳是信仰 一个艺术家 ř丰富 维持稳定的 é优秀 ñ不错 阿都 L爱
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