Twitter Felling

Today I read Twitter, see the two will be legends of Arsenal players opened their twitter, which is very happy. And Jack introduce their twitter, certainly, it takes me believe the twitters are true.
The many days before, I see the twitter that Cesc said to@jack_wilshere “don‘t worry, we know who u r and that‘s what matters most. U play week in week out and that‘s the most important trust me!” Read this words, I Believe that Cesc is a true captain in Arsenal.
Now, I see another Idol’s Twitter. Steve Nash said that:” Merry Xmas! I know life is not a breeze for everyone out there. Stay positive, keep a fighting spirit & believe you have it in u to endure. ” Perhaps only experienced life would say it.

About breezesophie

态度desides一切。 清风过山。 阿森纳是信仰 一个艺术家 ř丰富 维持稳定的 é优秀 ñ不错 阿都 L爱
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